“I first remember being coached as a young quarterback when I was 16 years of age at the london
warriors youth practice by coach Franco. The coaching style I have taken for granted within the UK
at the time as a young player and looking back I can say the quarterback mechanics and footwork drills
made me the player I am today. Not only coaching, but player integration and inter-positional competition helped me develop quicker
and better quarterback and overall leader. The building and shaping for Leadership, execution and determination are the traits
I have gained since being coached by Franco”

-Dayle Greenfield


"Coach Franco has had a big impact on me as a football player and in life. I would say his coaching style
starts with the importance of fundamentals and technique, both in the throwing motion and footwork. This
is something he drilled into me. He also developed my knowledge of the game and as a leader. I put a lot
of my life skills that I now use in my career (Personal Trainer) down to Coach Franco and the time he
spent coaching me.

I now coach Football to younger age groups and find I am using the knowledge Coach Franco installed in
me and his drills to develop them. The biggest testimony I can say is that if I can be half the coach that
Coach Franco is then I would be happy."

-Nick Jacquet - QB London Warriors